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Street prostitutes website is meant for informational purposes only. The details cannot be verified as members contribute and it gets uploaded. If you see any detail that is inaccurate, please feel free to email us through the contact page and we will endeavor to update.

Prostitution is one of the oldest profession still being practised the same way it was in dark ages. In South Africa prostutition is illegal but as you can see the quicker the government legalise it the better it will be for all.

Definition: a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.

Also know as:
call girl, whore, hooker, working girl, lady of the evening, streetwalker, member of the oldest profession, tart, moll, fille de joie, escort, courtesan, hustler, ho, scarlet woman, camp follower, cocotte, strumpet, harlot, trollop, woman of ill repute, wench.

This website was borne due to lack of information for those studs that sometimes visit a new town and do not know where to get laid quickly. Street sex can be fun as long as it is practised safely and with mutual agreement between the parties. Please treat the sex workers with respect at all times and don't forget to even add a tip of you happen to enjoy the services provided.

I will dive straight into details of where to find these street prostitutes, sex workers, street girls, working girls or whatever other name you will refer them to. Here in South Africa we refer to them as magoshas, else they are referred to as malaya.




24x7 along nugget and President street. These are very dirty street prostitutes and you can get laid from R30. Also on Polly street near the Market street Junction. There is all sort of magoshas and they take you in the tiny cubicles where business is brisk. At night you will spot them along President street from Junction of Troye street all the way to Nugget Street.



More upmarket and bidding starts from R100. There is surcharge at the gate for R50 during the day and R70 after 6 pm. The music and food is great and so is the variety of prostitutes.



Summit is also great especially if you are into asians. Rates from R150 and they promise foreplay and shower facilities. Entry fee is R50 during the day and shoots to R100 after 7pm.


Kempton Park

Around Greyilla, Long and Maxwell streets from around 7 pm till early hours. Beware of police patrols. Rates from R50 for short time. The mahosha/isifebe do not like whole night deals. There is plenty of white street prostitues here.



Along Luipaard street the whole day just drive up and down and you will spot these street prostitutes. Rates from R50.



Along Verona, Bouquette and High streets. The sex workers are littered all over and you cannot miss them. Sometimes they only start appearing after dark on other days even from noon. Rates from R50 and they do give better blow jobs and they are more patient even if you do not come quickly. You can also get some willing to give anal sex.



This place is full of young street prostitutes but all on drugs. Blow jobs are awesome but they have crappy houses. Security is not an issue as the nigerian pimps are not bothered with clients.

These magoshas are notorious on corner of 1st street and 6th Avenue, 2nd street, 3rd street all the way to 12th street and R51. Just drive in these streets and you wont miss the street prostitutes. It gets very busy at night with all these twilight girls fighting for business. See Pics for the google map layout of where to find them - hotspots marked in red X.



There is a joint called Casino, great to have a beer and get laid. Excellent room facilities and only costs R50 for short time. Sometimes you will end up two or three couples in the same room.



Some decent prostitutes are situated at 206 Bram Fisher. They are expensive but better than other places. If you are on budget try Tavern bar or The Beer Garden bar. Just make your way to the toilet and voila a ton of half naked prostitutes will be all over you with offers. The sex area is dingy and you can easily suffocate especially during the summer months. Price is negotiable and starts from R40.

The Garden Beer and the Tavern Bar are both on Hilltop street. In Randburg from the taxi Rank head torwards Sandton/Bryanston using Bram Fischer and turn right into Dover Street (Opposite the Shell garage) then turn right into Hilltop street you won't miss Beer Garden on the right and towards the end of the road is the Tavern. Goodluck.



The whole of oxford street is full of these sex workers all the way to illovo. They start their trade at dusk and prices range from R100 but some are con women. Sex is done is one of the many offices vacated in the evening. Police patrols are also a big problem with cops on the lookout if you happen to pick a street prostitute.



Just drive alond the morningside clinic from 8 pm and you will find the street prostitutes there. But they are expensive and start bidding from R150.



Sometimes you will find nice white street prostitues near Rivonia square. Just keep on Rivonia road but before you reach the BP garage. Here they start quite late from around 10 pm. But if you don't find prostitutes here just head up to Sandton and Rosebank.



Now this is very interesting but Fourways has no roaming prostitutes instead you will find them inside the Monte Casino. Yes you heard me right, inside the casino. Just idle in one of the slot machines and look out for women with big bags.
They are passive unless you start a conversation they rarely approach you. These prositutes offer whole night services and rates are negotiable. Don't even think of trying a quickie in the parking lot as the area is monitored with cctv cameras and the security stuff very strick even if you are just seated in the car.



During the day these working girls can be spotted on Beaconsfield Avenue all the way from cemetery Road upto Shamrock Avenue. During the night it gets busy with more street prostitutes on Rietfontein Road and all the feeder roads. Prices differ from R50 to R150. These are professional and will check if you have money before charging you. You can always bargain and they are pretty good too



On President Street, the court hotel is a 24x7 operation and you get real south african women with big bums. Prices start from R50.



The women who work on Heidelberg Road in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni normally charge between R20 and R50. During off peak and low season, these street prostitutes lower the price to R10 per round.



If you go to mayfair behind makro you will get hobbo prostitutes their ages range from young to old and they charge from 20 or 30 for anal. Basically anything you want they will do it happily. Hot spots are Narmada Link, Indus Street and Yamuna street. Also nearby in langlaagte you also get street workers.



Diepkloof zone four at corner dladla street you will get fat real sowetan girls selling punani. We will get more information and update, keep checking.



Rex Hotel at the corner of Tom Jones Street and Ampthill Avenue is full of mahosha. These prositutes charge R50 per shot. The bar is always full with people having drinks and waiting for their turn to head upstairs.




Corner of Florence Nzama Street and Dr Pixley Kaseme Street (formerly Port Alfred). Here the street prostitutes work 24x7 and rates start from R100 and room from R40 depending on the time. You can also just head to New Rand Inn bar on 77 Stalwart Simelane Street where there is plenty of magoshas who sometimes stand outside the bar.


Union Street

During the day, you will definitely not miss these twilight girls as the idle on this street corner and approach single men. The rates vary but negotiation is the name of the game.



Along Silverglen drive and Croftdene. Here you will find young hookers most of whom are either drunk or high on drugs. They are shamelesss and will approach you in broad daylight. The trend is the same along Trisula Avenue. You can also spot these whores at RK Khan circle.


Umgeni Road

The stretch of road that follows umgeni river is notorious for prostitution. Sex is done at the riverbank throughtout the day.The magoshas are old and normally charge R50. You can haggle abit and get laid for lower amounts. These street prostitutes are always drunk, shop opens from as early as 9am on some days.


Umbilo/Berea Area

This is a notorious spot with whores available 24x7. You can spot the street prostitutes between Clark road, Umbilo road, Che Guevara road and Crart avenue. This square mile is busiest at night and a few dotted street prostitutes on Campbell road during the day near the Baxter Park.



At night and on weekends throughout the day at Club Lane and Breightmet Avenue. Again here the minimum rate is R100 for a shot. Damn Durban, why is it so expansive? The street prostitues here are both young and old, black and whites.


Club Leisure

This huge building is difficult to miss on 7 crompton street. The entrance is on Imperial lane. Very secure parking with guards on the first floor.

Cape Town aka MotherCity


Maccasar Boden Powell

Along Boden Powell drive in Maccasar (R310). Here the street prostitutes operate next to this road and very negotiable. The give blow jobs while you drive or you can head to the bush for more. Just take the N2 towards Somerset West then take the off ramp towards Stellenbosch and you will be sorted.



At night along Voortrekker Road between Vanguard Drive and Da La Rey/Tieberg Streets. This stretch is littered with all sorts of street prostitutes, young, old, coloured, black and whites. Rates vary depending with each girl but generally starts from R50 for blowjobs. Try the coloureds without front teeth they give awesome bj.


Koeberg & Visserhoek

Koeberg Road between Brooklyn and Ysterplaat - some very tasty ladies. Mostly Black or coloured but a few white women. Night time after 7 pm.

Also if you are not too picky then out on the N7 at Vissershoek road or even better at M19 (melkbosstrand rd) where it meets to R304 (mamre rd) - the girls are always keen and VERY cheap. Here you will get mostly coloured skanks and toothless magosha whos blow job will blow you. Charges from (R20-R100).




M20 Grahamstown off-ramp in Uitenhage




On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Klopper Street near the Rustenburg Magistrate's Court hookers ply a brisk trade at night. The street prostitutes are oblivious to the prying eyes of strangers, huddle together on the pavement and ready for action.




Changes is located on Gerard Moerdyk Street in Sunnyside. Here you can find Nigerian whores and their accent never ceases to mesmerise me. It's not easy to notice any prostitution here unless you know what are you searching for. The price starts from R300 for the whole night. Another place is Habari bar located on the same street. Price is similar and plenty of foreign hookers.



Not far from the Union buildings Arcadia is best known for street prostitues in Pretoria. Magoshas from all walks of lives are found here. Pretorius and Francis Baard streets are the hotspots.

Capital Inn is another place located on Church Street in Arcadia. Most working girls are from Zimbabwe. Most of these ladies have been operating from brothels in Johannesburg but not all of them. The old prostitutes battle to get customers there as guys are mostly interested in new girls. So if you want a bargain, grap an old hag and haggle the price. There is no strip shows and no Dj's unlike brothels in Johannesburg. Ladies ask for R70 - R100 for full service.




In Pretoria Central the hottest spots are Strubben, Andries and Brown Streets. Budgets, located on Struben Street, Pretoria CBD. Almost every street prostitute comes from Zimbabwe. Ladies charge R70 - R100 for full service. Just like in Casino the ladies share rooms and sometime its arkward ending up with three or four different couples in the same room.



Located outside Soshanguve and Mabopane (2km from M35 Soutpan Road). Many street prostitutes! There's a tavern where booze is sold, and about 300 m south there are plenty of rooms where these women stay. Sex here is cheap from R50 to any amount you have. The competition is stiff here as there many girls.


Blue Room Central and Europa clubs

These are normal clubs. Anyway most chicks here sell pussy "indirectly" it's either they ask for booze all night long or they say it direct that you should pay them R300 for the whole night.


Swema club

Another excellect club is the Swema club located on Esselen Street opposite the DTI. The club looks like a normal club from outside and inside. The whores frequent this place late at night from nearby Habari bar. They act normal and buy themselves drinks but when you strike a conversation you realise they are whores. But not not all ladies are whores as you will find 'normal' ladies here. The whole night charge is from R300 depending with how you pocket is.




The street prostitutes can be found in industrial business area in Weeber Street, next to the railway line.Be careful crime is rife in this area that affects both the sex workers and the "johns". A safer place is the residential area in Klip and Rivier Street. The twilight girls have recently taken over this residential area and ply their trade without hiding much. They like "flushing" their chocolate 'boxes' to entice the clients. Full house is R200 per customer. If you want a threesome you will have to dish up R500.




The street prostitutes ply their trade on the busy M30 road near Dinaweng squatter camp. Also in CBD at the corner of Hill and Zastron streets in Bloemfontein. The punani costs R100 per round. There is one enterprising whore called the time-keeper. She charges R10 per minute and uses her cellphone as the stopwatch. Time starts from pentration time till you ejaculate and the then you pay accordingly. Fast comers end up pay only R10 per round! Just ask for the other magoshas for timekeeper if interested in this arrangement.




Most of these young girls are from Mozambique and Swaziland, they are mainly transported to South Africa with the truckers. At the junction of Arlopark and Sappi road they are cheap and decent steet prostitutes, also on Sabie road Anderson Street. Check also Corner of Old Pretoria Road and Silva Street. Their business hours are from 7pm until 5am.



Another place to find these magoshas in Neilspruit is at Hazyview near labotique petrol garage on the road from Hazyview to Whiteriver, all sorts can be found here. They are cheap and they start charging from R50.

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